A website is a tool used to solve business problems. Having a representative office on the Internet today is a priority. It can be a small online store or a large portal. What to choose to achieve a specific goal? Get acquainted with the types of sites and what tasks are solved with their help.

Types of sites


The main task of such a site is to sell goods and make a profit. This is an ideal solution for business expansion and to attract a large number of buyers. Online stores are opened by large companies and private entrepreneurs. Such sites are effective tools through which additional channels of communication with buyers appear. This is not only the sale of goods, but also the sending of letters with favorable offers.



This is a small site that provides basic information about the company or individual. This web resource is a great option for small business development. The business card site contains information about products / services or about the organization. Contact details and price list must be indicated. The site is suitable for a young company that is just starting its activities. The key functions of the web resource include interactivity and communication. The first moment means acquaintance with the organization, with a brand, with products. Also on the business card site you can find out all the important information and continue to communicate with company representatives and entrepreneurs.


This is a major portal for business development. The corporate website advertises goods and services, contacts and information about the organization. Having such a web resource expands the company’s capabilities in finding new customers / buyers and attracting partners. The corporate site simultaneously performs several functions: business card site, landing and internal database. This is an important attribute of medium and large businesses.



There is a slight difference between these two types of sites. A news site is developed for publishing news. The information portal provides users with all kinds of information. These include breaking news, weather, TV, movie search, air and rail tickets. Why do you need information and news portals? Advertising is placed on the promoted sites. Therefore, after the development of the site, its creators get a good profit.



This is an online e-commerce store. Marketplace is a tool for selling goods and expanding the customer base. It provides a link between suppliers and buyers. The marketplace is a showcase where goods from different sellers are displayed. If you want to sell products or services online, this is the fastest way. Its advantages include convenience and ample opportunities for business development.


This is a site dedicated to a specific product or service. It contains bright headlines, bargains, buttons. The key to landing is not selling. One-page is created so that visitors leave their contacts on the site. This can be a phone number, email, social media account. In the future, the manager communicates with the user and continues to communicate in order to encourage the purchase, to order the service.

Now you know what sites are developed for companies, for private entrepreneurs, for shops. Choose the one that suits you best and grow your business!

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